8+ Best Text To Speech Apps For iOS & Android Users In 2024

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Text-to-speech, abbreviated as TTS technology, converts text into speech; other methods convert symbolic language expressions, such as auditory transcriptions, into speech. It is also known as a speech synthesizer. The technological fabrication of human speech is known as speech synthesis. A speech synthesizer is a software program that can be built-in software or hardware for this function. The likeness of a speech synthesizer to the human voice and its ability to be comprehended is used to evaluate its efficiency.

Individuals with visual or reading limitations can listen to written works on a personal computer using an understandable text-to-speech application. Since the early 1980s, many computers operating systems have incorporated voice synthesizers.

Top 8 Text To Speech Apps In 2024

Even if you do not have an impairment or cognitive problem, text-to-speech is a helpful feature on your device. The following are a few of the best text to speech apps:

1. Talk FREE

Talk FREE allows your phone to speak whatever you write. It makes your phone repeat whatever you want in various languages and enables your phone to read the news to you. This app allows you to listen to online websites directly from your browser. You can also import text from several other apps. It is especially beneficial for those who have trouble speaking and are visually handicapped.

Best Text To Speech Apps - Talk Free

Talk FREE is available on Android for free download, and it is accessible to Mid-Size Businesses, Small Businesses, Enterprises, Freelance, and Non-profit organizations. Moreover, it includes customized voice choices and pitch and rate regulations.

2. Pocket

You may have your texts read aloud utilizing Pocket. It is ideal for when your eyes and arms are occupied, such as doing housework or commuting during your ride. Once you open your text list, you will notice a headset button. Click this button to begin hearing, and then tap the Play button to listen to your Collection’s first story. Alternatively, scroll to select a separate article from your selection.

Pocket - Official Page

You can also begin hearing a story while it is shown in Article View. To use it, select an article in Article View and then click the earphones icon in the bottom toolbar to begin automatic listening.

3. T2S

T2S contains functionality such as open text/ePub/PDF file reading aloud. It turns text into audio files. Using a simple built-in browser, it allows you to open your web pages and have them read aloud to you. It also has a type speak mode, which allows you to quickly listen to text that you typed. T2S also includes a Copy text or URL feature from other apps. To activate the feature, tap on T2S’s floating speak button to hear copied content.


T2S is easily among the best text-to-speech apps, with a 4.2-star rating in Google Playstore. You can download it for free.

4. @Voice Aloud Reader

@Voice Aloud Reader by Hyperionics Technology is an application that can read ‘out’ from just about any material on your Android phone, like website pages, news stories, lengthy emails, Text messages, PDF files, and much more. You can also pick from numerous settings for speech, tone, reading rate, etc. @Voice Aloud Reader is an excellent text-to-speech tool. 

@Voice Aloud Reader

You can use it to listen to any eBook you have stored on your device’s storage. Simply connect your headphones and listen. Once the app reads aloud, you can choose the tone, accent, and reading speed.

This app also has over 100k reviews and has a solid rating of 4.2 in the Playstore.

5. TTSReader

TTSReader is a simple online text reader that operates straight away on ttsreader.com. There is no setup required and no downloads or registration. It runs on every browser, phone, or device, regardless of location.


TTS Reader retains the last text and placement so that you can easily pick up wherever you left off. You can also directly set the caret point – and then hit ‘Start’ to begin playing from the new position. This app can read text, pdf, and eBook files. It can also record itself on computers. You may personalize the language, tone, and reading speed. It will remember your choices for your future visit.

6. Narrator’s Voice

Narrator’s Voice by Escolha Tecnologia captures and shares exciting texts in the voice of your selection with a diverse language repertory and dependable, pleasurable tones. Simply talk or write a phrase, then select the language, accent, and special effects you want the app to utilize. The final product is a personalized recital of your original message that you can distribute however you see fit.

Narrator’s Voice

It has over 1 million reviews with a solid 4.4 rating in Playstore, making it one of the best text-to-speech apps. It is available for free on both iOS and Android devices.

7. Balabolka

Balabolka is a text-to-speech application that includes several enhancements and modifications meant to increase the fluency, intonation, and quality of the generated speech. The app utilizes Microsoft Anna by design to translate text files to audio. It is a compact program that can be launched in moments on a Desktop Computer.


The installation and setup process is simple, and you would not need any technological skillset to begin. You can save separate areas, transform stores, and export clips using Balabolka. It also has a timer that gives you additional freedom when playing the audio.

8. Murf AI

Murf AI is not a regular text-to-speech app; it is an AI tool that can change any text into a real person’s voice. You can upload any text or script on this tool and also a recording of yours, and it will change the text into speech into a hyper-realistic version of your own voice. You can also use different voices for your text. It has realistic voices of voice-over artists. You can use Murf AI to represent your business, product, brand, and more.

Murf AI

You can also turn your voice into text and then turn that text into a professional voice. It will save you time that you would’ve spent on writing the script. You can also sync time to your voiceovers and visuals. Murf AI has 100+ realistic voices in more than 19 different languages. Murf has four pricing options: free, basic ($29/month), pro ($39/month), and enterprise ($59/month).

Which are the best text to speech apps?

The above applications, software, and programs are easily among the best text to speech apps that can be easily acquired on various platforms such as Playstore, apple stone, and Microsoft store. As mentioned above, these are useful and will provide a lot of utility to differently-abled people or people who cannot actively read texts from the screen. It also saves your time, money, and energy.


What is a text-to-speech app?

A text-to-speech app is software that can generate text to voice and create verbal sounds. Text-to-Voice application, in other terms, is a speech synthesizer that vocalizes texts instantaneously

Which text-to-speech app do YouTubers mostly use?

YouTubers can utilize any of the apps mentioned above. Apps such as Balabolka, Narrator’s Voice, Google text-to-speech, Speechelo, etc., are various software they use.

Which text-to-speech app is available for free?

All of the aforementioned apps can be downloaded and installed for free. Some software may include some in-app purchases.

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