How To Become An Air Hostess In 2024 (Detailed Guide)

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Working as an Air Hostess or a Flight attendant is the dream job for most job seekers due to its increasing demand and the opportunity to explore the world. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth of flight attendants is projected to be 20.8% between the years 2021 to 2031. 

If you are willing to explore your career in the aviation industry, then starting your job as an Air Hostess or a Fight attendant is the perfect option.

To determine How to become an Air Hostess, Here’s a complete guide to help you out. 

Air Hostess: Job Overview 

An Air Hostess or flight attendant is a member of the cabin crew that ensures the safety, security, comfort, and well-being of the passengers as well as the crew. 

How To Become An Air Hostess - Overview

They offer administrative help to the captain and other employees on board and provide customer service to the passengers. 

Air hostesses are in charge of a diverse set of duties right from the take-off to the landing. Here are a few duties and job responsibilities of an Air Hostess. 

  • Greet and welcome passengers, check their tickets and assist them to their seats.
  • Conduct Safety inspections before the flight.
  • Secure and monitor the cabin on a regular basis. 
  • Provide guidance and information regarding safety and comfort to the passengers on board. 
  • Prepare and serve food and drinks to the passengers. 
  • Offer special help to passengers with special needs. 

How To Become An Air Hostess?

Below are a few essential aspects that are required to become an Air Hostess.

Complete The Pre-Employment Qualifications.

Even though having a higher education or college degree is not mandatory to become an air hostess, having one can definitely help to boost your resume.

Pre-Employment Qualifications

The applicants must have their high school diploma or GED to apply for the flight attendant position.

Here are some of the most common educational levels or types of degrees attained by flight attendants. 

Type Of DegreePercentage 
Associate 19.9%
Bachelor’s 55.7%
Certificate 4.1%
High School Diploma10.6%
Master’s 5.0%

Gain Customer Service Skills.

Along with the educational requirements, having a proven hospitality or customer service experience is what the airlines find valuable for selecting the candidate.

The flight attendants utilize customer service skills to serve, assess and meet the requirements and needs of the customers. 

Together with customer service skills, strengthen your communication skills, problem-solving skills, and grooming skills. 

Meet The Physical Requirements.

Different physical requirements are set by each Airline to ensure that the prospective candidates are tall enough to reach the overhead bins but not too tall to bend all over time.

The minimum height requirement is around 5’0″ to 5’2,” and the age of the candidates should be 18 to 21 years. 

The applicants should not have any visible tattoos or piercings on their faces. 

Even though there is no numerical requirement regarding the weight of the applicants, it should be in proportion. 

Apply For Desired Positions.

Research the websites of the different airlines, look for job openings and apply for the desired positions.

The major requirement of the maximum number of airlines is the application, along with your resume, cover letter, and your basic information. 

As many candidates are applying for the same position to become flight attendants, make sure your application is up to the mark to stand out from the competition. 

Fluency in different languages other than English will definitely turn out to be a plus point, especially for international routes. 

Get Certified By FAA. 

Once you complete the required airline training, the next step is to attain the certificate of demonstrated proficiency issued by the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority). 

This certificate demonstrates that the flight attendant has successfully completed the essential training in order to perform their role effectively and safely. 

How Much Does It Cost To Become An Air Hostess?

The training program for becoming an Air hostess or Flight attendant can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the type of program and the type of Airline. 

How Much Does It Cost

The average pricing of flight attendant schools will cost you around $3,000 to $5,000. The cost may also vary from the minimum amount of $1,000 to the maximum amount of about $25,000. 

Types Of Air Hostess. 

Following are some of the major categories of air hostesses that you can go through.

  1. Flight Attendants: They mainly help passengers by exhibiting the use of emergency and safety procedures and ensuring the security and safety of the passengers.
  1. Ground Staff: The ground staff is mainly associated with ensuring the safety of the passengers, checking their baggage, providing assistance to disabled passengers, selling tickets, and confirming the reservations of the passengers. 
  1. Sky Marshal: Sky Marshals are highly skilled law authorizations or law enforcement agents that ensure the safety and security of crew members and passengers and counter aircraft hijacking.
  1. Cabin Crew: The cabin crew members carry out the instructions provided by the pilots or the co-pilots outside the flight deck. They ensure the safety, well-being, and comfort of the passengers.  

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Conclusion: How To Become An Air Hostess (2024)

Although a career as a Flight Attendant might seem challenging, at the same time, it offers a great experience of visiting different States, countries, and continents and exploring different cultures. 

The popularity of this career is rising as it provides not only great earnings but also the sense of satisfaction of making the passengers’ journey more comfortable and enjoyable. 

That’s all on How to become an Air Hostess. Go through the article. If you have any queries drop them in the comments section below.  


What is the minimum age to become an air hostess?

The minimum age requirement to become an air hostess is around 18 to 21 years. Most airlines require applicants to be 19 to 20 years.

Where to look for a job as an Air Hostess?

You can search for a job as a flight attendant or Air Hostess on various job boards and different airline websites. 

How much does an Air Hostess earn? 

The average salary of a flight attendant is around $59,000 to $110,000 per year. 

Is it difficult to pursue your career as an Air Hostess?

Although pursuing a career as an Air hostess might seem challenging due to its tough and intense training, with the proper guidance, a strong level of commitment, and dedication, you can definitely pace it. 

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