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One of my favorite e-learning platforms, MasterClass, where taking courses on creative niches feels like binge-watching a Netflix series. I mean celebrities, creativity, and content.

Still, MasterClass levels up by offering to teach, guiding, and nurturing knowledgeable skills. The celebrity-led platform is sparkling with some exclusive updates which might surprise you.

Did you know that former President Bill Clinton is on MasterClass, and courses are handled in German, French, and Spanish too? Well, I got a lot more saucy news for you. Keep reading.

In this article, I am sharing all the buzz about the MasterClass updates on upcoming classes on MasterClass, the White House Series in MasterClass, MasterClass at Work, MasterClass Global, and new partnerships with MasterClass. 

It is going to be a MasterClass themed party! Sit back and get to know all the details here.

Newest additions in MasterClass (What’s new)

MasterClass has been grinding harder than ever in producing one of the finest user experiences with high-level quality and industrial experts who are trendsetters and game-changers, but it does not stop there. In MasterClass, there is always something on the go. 

Something is constantly brewing and frequently surprising with new sets of categories, instructors, and courses that users might not have thought that they would be receiving. 

I mean, would you believe that former US presidents and secretaries have a course on MasterClass? Yes, you heard me. Former presidents are holding hands with MasterClass.

The talk of the town being the newest additions to MasterClass, we have gathered a list of information on top excelling celebrities who have collaborated with MasterClass recently.

There are no boundaries in MasterClass. You get courses on diverse topics like gardening, poker, magic, and even negotiation. Therefore, you can not find a course that you would like.

Quite the surprise, but let me do the honor of revealing the newest courses in MasterClass:

  • Lewis Hamilton teaches a “Winning Mindset”

Lewis Hamilton, one of the most celebrated race car drivers and a seven-time Formula One champion, is handling a course on finding your passion, dealing with failure, and winning at life.

  • Bill Nye teaches “Science and Problem-Solving”

Bill Nye, an Emmy-Award-winning science educator, is on a mission in MasterClass to teach how to think like a scientist and solve problems by seeing them from a different perspective.

  • Malala Yousafzai teaches “Creating Change”

Malala Yousafzai, a global icon and an ambitious holder of the Nobel Prize, is delivering strategies to amplify your voice, empower your community, and create a change.

  • Ringo Starr teaches “Drumming & Creative Collaboration”

Ringo Starr, a legendary musician, and a nine-time Grammy award winner is walking through his experience in The Beatles, dropping insightful musical tips and helping in finding your style.

Upcoming classes in MasterClass (2022)

Upcoming classes in MasterClass? There’s more? Yes. 

What did I tell you? MasterClass is constantly updating. I don’t think MasterClass is going to stop anytime soon. I hope they don’t, though. 

The good news is you still have more courses to look at. Mark your calendars for the upcoming celebrity courses in MasterClass in the year 2022:

  • Mariah Carey teaches “Songwriting and Production”

The musical icon known for the legendary song “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, Mariah Carey, is on MasterClass to teach music, take singing lessons, write songs, and work on the production.

  • Joy Harjo teaches “Poetic Thinking”

A successful poet, author, and playwright, Joy Harjo, takes over MasterClass to deliver some wisdom thoughts on poetry writing, thinking, and expression. Joy wraps up the art of poetry.

  • Christina Aguilera teaches “Elevate Your Singing and Stage Presence”

The pop legend Christina Aguilera already has an excellent course on singing in MasterClass and so this could be an extended version of her MasterClass. In this MasterClass, she takes singing lessons to the next level by dropping tips on singing on stage and more.

  • Amanda Gorman teaches “Poetry”

The international poet known for her work on racial oppression, feminism, and marginalization, Amanda Gorman, is coming to MasterClass in order to narrow down the beauty of poetry.

MasterClass: The White House Series

It is expected that most e-learning platforms invest in bringing in changes according to current trends but tagging along presidents is a power move. Unlike other competitors, MasterClass basically redefined online learning by collaborating with compelling leaders in the US. 

Although inclusion is not global, it is unfathomable to bring politicians into the game of nurturing knowledge and defining out of the box education; fortunately, MasterClass did it!

In MasterClass, three female secretaries of state, two former US presidents, and two former first ladies are coming together in presenting The White House Series, where they will be sharing wisdom and providing knowledgeable advice on building leadership skills and bringing change.

Considering the topics and aspects discussed, it might seem like regular content, but getting the chance to hear it from the people who carved the United States of America into what it is today is a different experience. Surprisingly, it can reveal untold secrets of the nation. Watch out!

Learning history from living legends directly via virtual format rather than reading it from decades-old Wikipedia articles is different and something to consider adding to your bucket list.

Introducing Sessions by MasterClass: What is it?

If you have MasterClass, then why would you need Sessions? Great question!

Well, Sessions is much more than MasterClass, although it is on the same platform. Sessions is a well-curated learning module wherein you would get access to pre-recorded content, exclusive guides, interactive peer community, and teaching assistants who are ready to offer feedback.

In MasterClass, Sessions is handled differently. It is pretty much like a 30-day challenge where you would be given due dates to complete certain tasks, and the video format will produce content by the instructor working on the project so you can achieve your goal by replicating it.

Since Sessions is a 30-day program, you’d get a fixed curriculum set for 30 days. Say you’d be given tasks like designing 5 epic floral arrangements, creating award-worthy bakes, etc.

If used effectively, Sessions can be a great learning experience. MasterClass recommends diligently following the tasks and setting goals so that you can complete Sessions in no time. 

Even if you cannot complete a task within the specified time frame, MasterClass will guide you. There is no chance of losing Sessions since teaching assistants can back you up.

Sessions by MasterClass: Instructors

There is already a pool of great instructors in Sessions, and so you do not have to wait any longer since the quality is promising, and you can expect great engaging content. Till now, the instructors in Sessions by MasterClass are:

  • Chris Voss (Former FBI Hostage Negotiator)
  • Joanne Chang (American Chef)
  • Ninja (Youtuber/Gamer)
  • Maurice Harris (Florist)

Similarly, MasterClass will be adding more Sessions in other niches soon. Stay tuned!

New partnerships and integrations with MasterClass:

Most platforms forget to integrate accessibility like mobile applications, which might clash with the number of average users enrolling in courses since the platform is not accessible enough.

Although MasterClass is mobile-friendly, it has decided to partner up with several streaming services which allow users to watch MasterClass conveniently without any hassles. 

The partnerships with MasterClass in the upcoming year 2022 include, 

  • Apple SharePlay, where users will be able to stream MasterClass courses with other members via FaceTime while living in different countries.
  • Optus, where users can find engaging and motivating courses on MasterClass through subscription in Australia.
  • T-Mobile, which is teaming up with MasterClass as a wireless partner, will bring in a lot more accessibility to learn from some of the greatest minds across the world.

MasterClass knows its way of reaching millions of users globally by taking one step at a time.

MasterClass at Work:

The provision of compelling courses to employees by the employer in a company in order to enhance workflow and improve productivity is getting normalized, which is a good sign. 

MasterClass also decided to do its part of bringing in MasterClass at Work, where partnerships with top companies like Capital One, Deloitte, and Microsoft are happening. 

This way, employees can directly learn from world experts at their workplace itself, which will help in their personal and professional growth simultaneously. 

Courses like negotiation, meditation, problem-solving, and leadership are great choices, to begin with, MasterClass at work.

MasterClass Global:

Uff…MasterClass does not seem to stop anytime soon. 

What now? MasterClass is breaking language barriers and setting up new offerings by introducing courses in different languages like French, German, and Spanish. 

The best part about the inclusion of other languages in MasterClass is that it will be handled by native speakers only. So far, instructors from Mexico, France, and Germany are confirmed.

Final thoughts 

Seems like if MasterClass were a student, it would be the class topper exceeding in all the subjects. I mean, look at all the updates in MasterClass which are happening in less than a year.

Let me break it down. MasterClass is listening to its users, analyzing the current trends, hearing the minorities, introducing sessions, partnering with leaders, and collaborating with services.

MasterClass is on the right track in turning into something sensational. At this point, I would genuinely say that MasterClass is the Netflix of education, and there is no questioning about it.

In case you are considering taking MasterClass, now is the right time. Buy the All-Access Pass in MasterClass and get access to 100+ courses on 100+ creative niches globally!